What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a routine and painless procedure needed to recreate bone and soft tissue. Although how overwhelming the procedure name sounds, it’s a common and pain-free treatment needed before a dental implant procedure when a person has been missing a tooth or a set of teeth for an extensive amount of time. Gum disease and tooth extractions may also be a reason why someone would undergo a bone grafting procedure.

When we lose our teeth our bones won’t have anything to support anymore. Overtime, that vacant portion or space of the bone erodes and hollows out. This will make it difficult to proceed with a dental implant treatment, if a bone grafting is not done. Without a bone grafting procedure, it makes it impossible for recreation of a new set of teeth. Once a patient completes a bone graft, six to nine months will be necessary for healing before the dental implant treatment begins.

While bone grafting of earlier years involved harvesting and using large quantities of the patient’s own bone (autogenous grafts), today we can often use processed bone from a donor, an animal or synthetic materials. Donor tissue from another person or animal is thoroughly disinfected and safe for grafting. In California Implant Smiles will discuss with you the options available for you depending on the type, location and number of implants to be used.

After the procedure, you will be given antibiotics, pain medication if needed, and an antibacterial mouthwash, and will be instructed to avoid eating certain foods and putting pressure on the bone graft. While the bone graft heals you should be able to work and go about your everyday life.

Your implants will be placed after the grafted bone has fused or become a strong, integrated part of the existing bone. The amount of time the integration takes varies depending on the location of the graft and the density of the bone.

The Benefits to Bone Grafting

If you are someone considering dental implants, and the bone in your mouth may not be tall or wide enough, bone grafting is needed. The benefits of the procedure include:

  • Restored bone to its previous state
  • Restored bone and facial structure
  • Improved outward appearance
  • Successful dental implant treatments

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