What is an All-On-Four and All-On-Six Procedure?

For several decades now, complete dentures have been the traditional care for endentulism, and reports show that those who wear dentures are not completely satisfied with them.

The All-On-Four and All-On-Six dental procedures are accomplished through four small titanium posts implanted on your jawline. Two dental implants are placed near the front of your jaw; another two implants are placed at a 45 ° near to the back of the jaw. These will then serve as “anchors” for the permanent prosthesis, secured by these four implants on the upper and/or lower set of teeth. However, before the implants are placed, bone treatments may be needed, since over time with tooth loss, our bones tend to deteriorate and erode.

All on 6 Completed

The All on 6 dental implants system consists in the placement of 6 dental implants per each dental arch, working as “anchors” for a fix and non removable dental bridge. The All-on-6 procedure provides extra stability, reduces the risk of failure and disperse the bite force in as more even manner. This procedure also ensures a bone fusion between the implants and the jaw preventing the future bone loss.

Ultimately, the procedure provides complete comfort and the confidence to eat, talk, and laugh without limitations. The All On Four and All On Six procedures serve as an alternative solution for conventional dentures, and are expected to alleviate the daily frustrations and discomfort of dentures in a same-day replacement process. Yes, we provide our patients with same-day-teeth!

All-On-Four/All-On-Six vs. Dentures

The All On Four and All On Six dental implants fiercely differs from the traditional standard care of dentures.  The All On 4 and All On 6 implants:

  • Retains your jawline and restores face structure
  • Are not removable to prevent misplaced dentures
  • Are permanent, natural-looking teeth
  • Gentle since they do not place pressure on your gums
  • Helps support bone mass
  • Behaves more naturally in your mouth for eating and talking
  • Builds and/or restores your confidence!
All on 4 Diagram

If you are already wearing complete conventional dentures and/or will be needing dentures in the near future, consult with our doctors at California Implant Smiles to explore the next steps. We will assist you the entire way through!

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