Our goal has always been to be the best cosmetic dentistry center in California by providing our patients with a highly experienced team of doctors and assistants. However, to achieve our goal, we needed to utilize the latest technology medical equipment, which is a significant and expensive investment for any cosmetic dentistry care. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to purchase all of it at the time, and because we didn’t want to reduce the level of service we provide, we went out looking for financial help in our area, which is where we met Equipment Financings, who assisted us with the medical equipment financing we required.

 But, how did Equipment Financing help us with Dental Equipment Financing? We’ll answer that question based on our own experience because we’re grateful to them and want other cosmetic dentistry practices to be aware of this opportunity to acquire medical equipment financing through the best equipment finance company.

Equipment Financings is a company in Southern California that supported us with an equipment loan that fitted our needs and budget. They not only made the application process simple and concise, but they also walked us through it, set up a simple payment plan, and provided free financing reports. They explained everything to us, answered all of our questions and concerns, and gave us peace of mind by assuring us that we were in capable hands.

We understand that getting an equipment loan can be scary for those unfamiliar with the concept, but after working with them, we strongly recommend Equipment Financings. Regardless of the size or status of your company, we are confident that they will provide you with solutions that meet your needs and budget, as well as guide you through the entire process, just as they did with us. They can assist you in financing up to 100% of the equipment you require to successfully run your business and expand your service. They work with many lenders who offer equipment grants, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs and budget.

The steps are simple and quick, and they provide excellent customer service. They assisted us in determining the best type of loan for our equipment and offered us the most competitive rates and terms, which were customized for us. So, if you need medical equipment financing or any other type of equipment, know that Equipment Financings is your best choice; trust us, you won’t be disappointed!