Our Specialty in Sleep Dentistry

Here at California Implant Smiles, we specialize in sleep dentistry. Sleep dentistry is a specialty that provides an anxiety-free and relaxing treatment for our patients as they undergo a dental implant procedure. Our patients will be free of any anticipated discomfort and pain, while we rehabilitate their teeth. Our team of experienced doctors and dental implant specialists have a trusted record when it comes to safe sleep dentistry. As a patient, you can choose between the type of sleep sedations we offer. We promise you a pleasant and relaxed treatment while we reconstruct your smile with a new set of teeth.

Sleep Dentistry Sign

We Offer Our Patients a Choice

General Anesthesia

In general anesthesia, also known as non-conscious sedation, the patient is in deep state of sleep.  While the patient remains unresponsive and unconscious, dental specialists can comfortably perform the treatment at ease, without worry over the patient. The patient will be completely unaware of what is happening to secure a comforting experience.

Oral Sedation

For patients who chooses oral sedation, they will take a pill an hour before the procedure. Patients generally feel groggy and drowsy after taking the pill, and at times, a larger dose may be needed to produce more of a moderate sedation. At times, patients will feel drowsy enough that they will fall asleep during the procedure. This is common and fine; just be prepared for a gentle shake at the end of the treatment!

How will I feel after sleep dentistry?

Patients will awake after sleep dentistry having little to no memory of the procedure. If not asleep, they will achieve consciousness after the procedure with no concerns. They will be free from anxiety and worries over the unpleasant pain or discomfort from the treatment. Sleep dentistry is a preferred and quick way to acquiring a new set of teeth and a new smile.

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