At California Implant Smiles

We ensure that your visit will be a very informative and unforgettable one. We separate ourselves from other Cosmetic Dentistry centers by providing our patients with the latest technology and a highly experience team of doctors and assistants. This way we ensure to cover any doubts or questions you might have before arriving red dog online.

buy viagra online We devote our time and passion to our patients and our area of expertise. When scheduling a free consultation with one of our doctors, be prepared with any detailed questions or concerns you might have. We assure you that we will have the answers.

lotto online spielen app We offer Same Day Teeth with popular procedures like All-On-4 and our new techniques Solid 6, and Solid 8. Rest assure that our team will take the time to identify a unique treatment plan that is right for you.

Our All-Inclusive One-Time Fee

One Time All Inclusive FeesEvery patient is different; therefore we cannot guarantee every patient’s investment to be the same. What we can guarantee is that once your unique treatment plan is established and reviewed by our panel of elite doctors, an all-inclusive, one-time fee will also be established. This will not only save you money but also avoid any unpleasant surprises partnersuche unterallgäu.

Our Board of Certified Anesthesiologists

play clue Our Board Certified Anesthesiologist can assure that your “Big Day” is a happy day consisting of minimal discomfort and full of smiles.

Permanent Dentures Procedure

Our Values

Our Team

California Implant Smiles Team

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Center

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Center
  • Equipped with the latest in technology
  • Houses over 10 licensed doctors
  • Staffs over a dozen friendly assistants
  • All tools and equipment are available, inches away from us
  • Cozy lobby with complimentary beverages
  • An eco-friendly dental implant clinic
  • …Located in the heart of Orange County!

Questions? Call Us: (949) 732-1992